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  Quality Control    

Quality Assurance division mainly focused on providing good quality standard young tissue culture plants to our export and local customers. We work closely with other departments and ensure the quality has maintained at acceptable level in all the areas

We ,

  • Maintain lab contamination level below 2%.
  • Produce 100% disease free true to type plants assuring quality standards of customers.
  • Maintain superior hygiene condition in surrounding and inner environment of laboratory.
  • Assess the working station efficiency in weekly basis.
  • Routinely check the hygiene of technicians.
  • Continuously assess the technical skills of employees and analyze the individual output every month.
  • Evaluate the growing condition in weekly basis.
  • Ensure the quality parameters met during the time of dispatch in packaging and transport.
  • Ensure the disposal of the laboratory wastage in appropriate way without harming the environment.

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