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  Research and Development    
  Our business is not limited to plant production and selling, also spend valuable time and money for developing new protocols and improving existing protocols for better output. Our management is very keen on continuous improvement of compositions, growing conditions and techniques of the employees.Department involves in preserving and increasing germplasm over 315 varieties.

Our R&D department involves in:

  • Cloning point identification.
  • Media Development.
  • Growing condition evaluation.
  • Cloning area extraction.
  • In-vitro micro propagation.
  • True to type plants identification.
  • Continuous assessment on plant development.
  • Technical assessment of process of the laboratory technicians.
  • Trialing various composition to improve the quality and productivity.

Recent studies:

  • Identification of cloning points of Echeveria varieties.
  • Introduction of different concentration of Nano silver in culture media and the assessment of bacterial growth.
  • Use of multiplication hormone meta-topolin and rate of weaning success.
  • Dark incubation of explants and shoot development.
  • Explant acidification and level of phenolic compounds.
  • Relationship of internode elongation and gibberalic acid concentration.
  • Assessment on Blue, Red LED installation and plant development.
  • Assessment of role of Carbendezim in Cordyline development.
  • Use of PVP and plant development.
  • Assess the impact of Adenine hemisulphate in plant development.
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